About us


Ambiance goes beyond the border.

We develop collaborations further across various boundaries.
Beyond the country, beyond the business category.



"Ambiance" is a showroom that edits carefully selected collections of high quality. We introduce collections having strength of edge, high quality including wonderful materials, suitable for domestic and foreign markets, and offer a comfortable refined space for the trade between buyers and designers.
Also, finely tuned management such as matching of buyers and brands, attendance on buyers & PR, supporting of business meeting etc. have gained good reputation.
We take not only domestic but international brands actively, too.

エッジの強さや、素晴らしい素材などを含む高いクオリティー、そして国内外のマーケットに相応うコレクションをご紹介し、バイヤーとデザイナーが取引をしやすい快適で洗練された空間を提供しています。 また、バイヤーとブランドとのマッチング、アテンド(バイヤー・プレス)、商談サポートなど、キメ細かい運営が好評です。


With "Ambiance" as the core and taking advantage of many years of career, we offer polite business support for domestic and international brands, and a variety of new contents to companies and shops.
₋Various branding advice that draws out individual strengths, such as price setting for budding brands and merchandising etc.
₋POP-UP SHOP & other event direction.
₋Artworks such as installation and invitation, etc.
₋Referral service of designers to companies.
₋Overseas logistics support.
₋Collaboration with overseas showrooms, support & operation of participation in overseas exhibitions.



#201, 7-1-12, Minami-aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1070062 JAPAN.